About Me

I built my business by combining my two passions of real estate and animal rescue. For 14 years now I have donated 10% of my commission to the animal rescue of your choice. I spotlight 6 local nonprofit animal welfare organizations. Please see the Animal Welfare Organizations page for more information.

My background is in behavioral science and counseling. I find I am called upon to use these skills to help people navigate one of the most important and stressful processes of buying or selling a home.

Listening is one of the most important skills needed to successfully help clients have a positive outcome in this process. I am a great listener and truly want to hear what my clients are telling me. I believe my background has helped me enhance these skills. I will advocate for my clients while at the same time help them keep a realistic perspective about the house, the market or what they might want. I get real joy out of working with my clients to help them fulfill their goal of buying their first home or selling the home they have been in for over 20 years.

The bottom line for me is that I want my clients to be happy with the result and come away feeling like they got what they wanted. I am a lifelong animal lover and my business is a reflection of how I can put this into action. I am currently serving on the Board of Directors at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and formally the Board President for Homeward Pet Adoption Center where I have been walking the shelter dogs on a weekly basis for over a decade. I also volunteer for Greyhound Pets Inc working with the Greyhounds every week. My four legged family members include Libby the Pit Bull, Cody the Greyhound and Sammy the cat. Please contact me for more information as I would love to work with you.